Friday, 26 June 2015

Our class project. With lollies.

WALT: Describe past experiences by retelling events in the order in which they happened.


On a sunny friday afternoon, 7th of June 2015, In Rm17 we were doing an experiment on lollies which were Kool Fruit lollies.

First, We needed four bowls for the four groups, and the Kool Fruit lollies. Only four people from the groups, picked four Kool fruit, and carefully placed them in the bowl, so they won't roll around.

After, We put the lollies in the bowl, then the leaders of the groups had to go and get some water, to carefully pour in the plate. It had to be higher than the Kool Fruit.

Finally, Rm17 after the leaders of the groups poured the water in, we had to go and write what will happen to they lollies. A few minutes later I went to go and have a little peek at the Kool Fruit’s, I had saw that the colours of the lollies had gone down onto the plate. Then a minutes later this powder came off.

At the end we got to eat one lollie each, out of the packet. We had to smell it, look at it, taste it then….
Chew it, and also swallow. It tasted delicious.

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