Monday, 11 April 2016

My poem

My Poem.
Walt: Describe, using our senses.

I see little crushed up crystals.
The sight looks sugary.
I hear  popping noises.
The Sound is loud in my ears.
I smell jelly.
The smell was beautiful.
I touch rocky popping candy.
The touch was hard.
I taste blue raspberry.
The taste was sweet and sour .

Friday, 1 April 2016



In the Easter holidays my family and I were finally going to the pools. We got into our togs, grabbed a towel and headed off.

We got there, I put my feet in the water and it felt so good then my mum had payed us in. I was the first one to jump in.

We splashed the sparkling water on each other and swam in the fresh cold water. Then we jumped out for lunch, waited 5 minutes and jumped back in.

The time passed and everyone was starting to fall to sleep especially me we all decided to go so we all got dressed , had some more lunch and went home that was the best day.