Thursday, 3 November 2016

WALT: Use descriptive language to add interest


One day there was a little boy hoping to have a happy Halloween.

The little boy ran up to his bedroom, when suddenly his brother through a prank on him, he put a bucket of water on top of the door and the hole bucket of water landed right on top of his head.

He didn’t care about the water that tipped on his head he just jumped into his costume.

He first he put his black and white suit on, then he put his cap and put his teeth in. He went to his mum to the stuff for halloween.

He went out going to door to door saying “trick or treat”. He got a lot of lollies he had to go home and get another bag for the lollies.

Meanwhile some of his were just across the road from where he was, he quickly joined them going door to door.

Then they came to a scary house they were afraid to go in they went up the pathway as they were trembled with fear and knocked on the door and then someone came to the door be she wasn’t as scary as her place seemed.

So they all went off happy walking down the path having a fantastic halloween they said “ we’ll go trick or treating together next year” they all agreed.   


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